60th Reunion Survey ** 2024**

2024 is the 60th anniversary of our graduating from Arlington High School.   AHS is in the process of being rebuilt and is not recognizable to our class.  We have formed a committee of those who expressed interest in making suggestions.   We are holding Zoom meetings so people can join in from all parts of the country / world. 71 people attended the 55th (including spouses).  

Please fill out the survey to help us determine the final "design".   

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1)   * Would you come to a 60th Class of 1964 Reunion? At the moment, we are suggesting a main event on Friday Sept 20th in the late afternoon / early evening (3-7 pm?) at St Eulalia's in Winchester which has a large parish hall, kitchen, parking, and handicap access (The time is so people do not have to drive in the dark). The idea is to serve appetizers and desserts (not a sitdown). Would you come?

  I am interested in attending
  I am interested for myself and guest (ie spouse)
  I am not interested

Copy and paste this link in a new window: https://www.sainteulalia.org/
2)   * Do you need handicap accessibility?

  Wheelchair access
  Elevator / No Stairs
  HP car plaque parking
3)   * An additional event mentioned is attending the AHS football game on Friday night (if in Arlington). Would you be interested?

Yes No
4)   * A tour of the new AHS has been suggested probably on Friday or Saturday. Would you be interested?

Yes No
Copy and paste this link in a new window: https://ahsbuilding.org/at-a-glance/construction-progress/
5)   * Brunch on Saturday in restaurant in Arlington Center with a back room has also been suggested probably on Saturday (Sunday?). Would you be interested?

  Myself and guest.

Copy and paste this link in a new window: https://www.donutvilladiner.com/menu
6)   * That Saturday September 21 is Arlington’s Town Day when the area from Mill/Jason Street to Pleasant Street is blocked off to vehicle traffic with the area filled by booths from every part of Arlington life with special activities at the Jason Russell House. Would you be interested?

Yes No
The following attractions were available at Arlington Town Day 2023:

Main stage entertainment
Town Hall Gardens entertainment
Activities at Dallin Museum, Jason Russell House, and Robbins Library Booth
7)   * Other Ideas..... to make the time memorable and fun! Also, suggestions to make the above ideas more to your liking. Let us know.

8)   Do you know a 64 graduate who is not on the site (no check mark under Classmate Profiles). Can you help having them join?

Call / Email them and give them the website and tell them it is free and has a lot of information on fellow graduates.
9)   Would you like to be invited to the Zoom meetings? The next is March 7th 7 pm EST.

  Please invite me
  Already invited
  Not interested
10)   * Would you be interested in being part of a block of hotel rooms (Arlington, Lexington, or Burlington)? [Arlington now has a Hilton at 2 Mass Ave]?

Yes No