55th Reunion Survey

1) The 55th Reunion will be at the Burlington Marriott on October 19, 2019. The room is reserved from the hours of 6-11pm. The Marriott will be reserving 10 guest rooms on Friday, Oct 18 and 20 guest rooms on Saturday, Oct 19. These will be offered at a reduced rate. Use Reservation Link below. Book your group rate for Arlington High School Class of 1964 Initial 55th committee
Total Responses: 0
2) Are you interested in a 55th Reunion?
87.8% (36)    
    12.2% (5)
Total Responses: 41
3) If yes to question 1, would you be willing to serve on the committee to plan it?
    42.9% (15)
    57.1% (20)
Total Responses: 35
4) If yes to question 1, list suggestions for where, when, etc.
I realize most AHS classmates reside near Arlington. How about a possible reunion outside the area that could accommodate some of us who live 3,000 miles away. Possible resort area where people would like to go? I see that most would rather stay local. I agree that Fall, ie Sept or Oct would be best time, especially for the foliage aspect. John Troike
Local venue.....not as extensive as 50th....
Local venue.....not as extensive as 50th....
Local venue.....not as extensive as 50th....
I've lived in Florida for the past 47 years, and have only visited the Boston area a few times since then. So, I have no idea what venues are available, and couldn't be much help on a planning committee; but, if there is a 55th, I would certainly make every effort to attend. My choice for time of year would be in the Fall - October?
Sometime during the summer as I live in Florida during the winter.
Anywhere is fine. The key for me is which month. Any chance of early September or October?
How about a daytime luncheon at a smaller venue. Think there will be less attendees and it would be a bit cheaper. When - warmer weather period in late spring or early fall. Also we are getting older so easier to drive in the daytime. Venue - a nice restaurant in the Arlington area. Many have function rooms. I do not live in Arlington now so do not know many of the local restaurants. Although I did enjoy the 45th reunion at the Sons of Italy Hall very much. The food was good too. Who was the caterer at that event?
I think the Arlington Town Hall where we had the 50th Reunion would be fine. Best time would be early Fall (September).
Thank you for putting together the classmates' information.
We are moving to Jonesport ME to retire before summer, so I couldn't help on the Committee this time. However, we do plan to come down to MA from time to time for visits, events, shopping, etc., and would definitely attend. Maybe we could help with set-up and tear-down this time? Please keep me in the loop re committee activities.
This Summer or maybe early Fall would be better. Arlington Town Hall like the 50th would be fine.
I live in MO or else I would have been glad to help. Barbara
Summer months better for me. We leave NH some time in October for warmer locations. I would love to help however we travel too much to be counted on. Hope you can set this up
I thought Arlington Town Hall, where the 50th Reunion was held was fine BUT even Arlington High (if possible) would also work for me. The time frame should be before December 31, 2019 (if possible).
I have to think about that.
Someplace in the Greater Boston area. I am about to move to a temporary apartment with my wife and son while our house is torn apart and put back together this spring, summer, & fall, so I am not available to help with planning.
Rhode Island area
Not sure yet
Love to help, but we are in Florida. Will make every attempt to make it this time
Sons of Italy?
Town Hall or AHS or Knights of Columbus (Winslow Steet). Friday or Saturday night.
Arlington, or general areas around Arlington. It would give people who no longer live here a chance to come "home" and check things out.
Dennis & I would like to keep this reunion as simplified as possible. We should consider looking into a function room at a restaurant or hotel.
Looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up I am also willing to help out and do what ever you need done Ed
I live in California and don't come east very often. This year I will be in New England from Oct. 10 - 15 and I would love to attend if you have the reunion on that weekend. The only one I've attended was the 10? Not sure which one, only know it was a looooonnnggg time ago :-)
Judy and I would love to be part of the planning coommittee. My thought about a venue woud be somewhere in or near Arlington. For the 55th I think a relaxed party would b great; not so much fanfare but lots of fun.
I would like having the reunion celebration dinner and other activities IN Arlington. Spring or early Fall would be best when the weather is pleasant so we can experience Arlington at its best :)
Total Responses: 29